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4 Wedding Traditions to BREAK!

Today, I’m thinking about some of the most fun wedding traditions to break!

Why break tradition?

Well for one, it’s 2017. And for two—it’s YOUR wedding, and you’re free to express yourselves, your personality, your values, and your interests, absolutely anyway you want.

Furthermore, some of our most time-honored wedding traditions are steeped in weird lore…

Did you know the best man’s role used to be to steal the bride away so she’d get to the wedding ceremony in one piece? He was also traditionally an epic swordsman. I’ve even heard the best man stood guard to be sure the groom didn’t back out of the deal (you know, back when women were property,) and even to protect the bride’s virginity. Eesh.

Speaking of virginity, did you know the garter was once supposed to be given to family members as proof that the marriage had been, erm, consummated? (Do we really need that anymore?)

Even the bride’s bouquet served an odd purpose. Back in the day, women typically only had one bath a year. The bouquet was to stave off her, um, fragrance.

Now that we’re sufficiently weirded out, let’s dive in here and think of some other wedding traditions to break…

DISCLAIMER: Your wedding day is about you, and the most important thing is that your day is perfect and totally expresses who you are. I’m simply here to give the creativity-seekers some options, and food for thought!

1. White dresses

wedding traditions to break

You should always wear what you feel most beautiful in—I repeat—always wear what you feel most beautiful in!

And you know what?

If you don’t feel drop dead gorgeous in a white dress…then who cares!

Some people say brides wear white as a simple of “purity” (ahem)…others say it’s because Queen Victoria made it all the rage.

I say of all the wedding traditions to break, this one would be a great one to start with, simply because of confidence: whether you wear something off-white, or bright red, just be sure you feel amazing about yourself. Tradition or not.

2. Veils

wedding traditions to break

So, the funny thing about veils—Romans believed they warded off evil spirits.

In my 10+ years of wedding photography, I’ve never seen a wedding ruined by evil spirits. BOOM. de-bunked.

What I have seen though are some great replacements for the veil. I’m talking flower crowns, ornate headbands, epic braids.

3. Not seeing each other until the ceremony

wedding traditions to break

I made this post a few weeks about  5 reasons you should do a first look.

Here’s another reason to do a first look:

Did you know that one of the reasons brides traditionally don’t see grooms before the wedding was so that, should the groom see the bride before the transaction was complete, he wouldn’t go “EW!” and change his mind?

Seriously. The fear was that if the groom saw the bride before the ceremony (and remember, back then it was more of a business deal than a love-connection) he’d change his mind and the business deal would fall through.

Let’s consider dropping this tradition. There are benefits for all!

4. The garter and the bouquet toss

Alright, fine. Everyone loves dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

But like I mentioned earlier, these traditions are steeped in a little weirdness, too. Way back when, the groom would hand the bride’s garter over to her family members just to prove that the marriage had been consummated.

Now, we have a tradition where the groom awkwardly climbs up his bride’s dress in front of grandma. We also have a tradition where all the unattached women have to come out to the middle of the dance floor for the bouquet toss which, for some, can be a little embarrassing!

Why not try a breakaway bouquet, or even a flower ceremony where all the women are called to the floor to receive a flower from your bouquet? Other ideas here!

Can you think of other wedding traditions to break? Let me know in the comments!

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