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Your wedding is more than just a collection of photographs. It’s a story of your love. And I’m here to capture that story in all of its romantic glory. Imagine your dream wedding where your only responsibility is to fall more in love, while I capture all the beautiful moments for you to love forever.

Who are Palermo Photography Clients? | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Maria Palermo is an award-winning Pittsburgh wedding photographer available for travel. Ready to find out more? 

Palermo Photography clients are in love!

They’re excited to tell and retell the story of their engagement.

pittsburgh wedding photographer

They hold the most intimate weddings, typically squeezing only about 150 or fewer loved ones into perfect, quaint venues.

pittsburgh wedding photographer

Sometimes they travel—even elope!—because they want their wedding location to reflect the uniqueness and intimacy of their love.

pittsburgh wedding photographer

They experiment with—or even totally forgo!—wedding traditions because they know their love is anything but traditional.

pittsburgh wedding photographer


Allow me to repeat…

Palermo Photography clients are in love.

You’re in love.

Head-over-heels, excited, enamored, mad, crazy, wildfire love.

You know how they say you should be with someone who makes you feel the same way you feel when your waiter shows up at the table with your food?

You get it. You’ve found that person, and you totally get it now. This is it—this is love.

For you, the wedding isn’t about the wedding—it isn’t about the flowers and the dress and the cake (though all of those things are amazing)—it’s about celebrating!

It’s about reaching out to all your friends and family, pulling them into that big, warm, happy feeling in the pit of your soul, and saying, “This feels amazing, and we want to share that feeling with you!”

You’re not picking out flowers because you’re supposed to pick out flowers: you’re looking for something that physically matches that beautiful, vibrant, tender love you feel in your heart.

The cake? It’s way more than just a cake. It’s a reflection of the sweetness this person inspires in you (which is why it’s so important that it should be an ultra-delicious cake!)

And the photographer? You’re not interested in hiring someone who can snap a few pictures. Your love—and the celebration of your love—is a story, and you want someone who can tell it.

Why am I telling you this?

pittsburgh wedding photographer

Because unlike other wedding vendor experiences, having an amazing experience with your wedding photographer really comes down to one thing—our connection with each other. That connection, those shared values, and that shared joy, are going to come through in your photos.

Over the last several years, through working with hundreds of unique and beautiful couples, I’ve learned that this organic, exciting, and passionate expression of love is something they almost all seem to have in common.

So, the question is—

Are you a Palermo Photography client?

Let’s connect!

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