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3 of My Favorite Pittsburgh Bakeries

Pittsburgh wedding cakes aren’t hard to come by—this city is swarming with really, really talented cake artists, pastry chefs, and more.

And of course, being the baking enthusiast that I am, I’m going to have my recommendations!

You can find out more about my vendor recommendations and here. Meanwhile, let’s talk cake!

1. Butterwood Bake Consortium

Pittsburgh wedding cakes

Source: http://www.thebutterwoodbakeconsortium.com/

I’ve photographed several weddings featuring Butterwood’s incredibly rich and delicious cakes. One of my favorite things about this vendor: they’re open late (until 11pm from Wednesday to Saturday!) so you can always go in and check out their amazing treats and enjoy a cup of coffee while you’re at it!

Here’s the info:

Website: http://www.thebutterwoodbakeconsortium.com/
Phone: 412-781-0218
Address5222 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA
Social:  https://www.instagram.com/thebutterwoodbakeconsortium/

2. Prantl’s Bakery

Pittsburgh wedding cakes

Source: http://www.prantlsbakery.com/weddings/

Prantl’s comes highly recommended for Pittsburgh wedding cakes—not only by me, but by this food writer over at HuffPo.

Here’s the info:

Website: http://www.prantlsbakery.com

Downtown Pittsburgh
Address: 438 Market Street, Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 412-471-6861

Shadyside location
Address: 5525 Walnut Street, Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 412-621-2092
Email: info@prantlsbakery.com

(Psst: see more Pittsburgh wedding cakes on my vendor page here.)

3. Bella Christie and Lil’ Z’s Sweet Boutique

Pittsburgh wedding cakes

Source: http://www.asweetboutique.com/galleries-2/

The Sweet Boutique has an incredibly diverse array of unique options to make your wedding really fun—a doughnut station, a french fry station, a popcorn creation station…you have to see it for yourself!

But of course, they also make some incredible wedding cakes with flavors ranging from vanilla to banana and almond.

Here’s the info!


Aspinwall location
Address: 213 Commercial Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA (Closed Sundays)

Lawrenceville location
Address: 3511 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA

Phone: 412-772-1283


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