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Your wedding is more than just a collection of photographs. It’s a story of your love. And I’m here to capture that story in all of its romantic glory. Imagine your dream wedding where your only responsibility is to fall more in love, while I capture all the beautiful moments for you to love forever.

9 Things on My 2016 Photography Wish List

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This is part wish list, and part my attempt at waving my arms wildly and saying, “Hey! Anyone looking for a great Pittsburgh destination wedding photographer?” Just saying—I know a girl who knows a girl with lots of destination wedding experience.

Seriously, though, I love my city. I love our huge palatial churches and I love all the gorgeous and unique places I get to photograph weddings in every year.

I especially love that, as a wedding photographer, I get to balance my love of Pittsburgh out with my love of traveling. I’ve shot weddings all over the country and traveled across the ocean, and I’m so excited to get to do more of that.

Still, in addition to my travel goals, there are a few other things I’m dreaming of, too.

Here’s what I have my eye on:

1. Lo & Sons Claremont Bag

pittsburgh destination wedding photographer

I absolutely love the exquisite craftsmanship of this camera bag—yes, a camera bag!

2. Photobooks like this from Artifact Uprising

pittsburgh destination wedding photographer

Artifact Uprising is a pretty incredible company that makes everything from wood calendars to these simple yet sweet little photo books. I’d love to grab a collection of my favorite photos and make several of their books!

3. A Leica camera

pittsburgh destination wedding photographer

One of the things I love about shooting film is that it really forces you to slow down and pay even closer attention to all the aspects of a great photograph. It even expands beyond that, since developing the film takes precious time—if you have your own darkroom, you can get even more involved in the process.

This camera—with a body and design I also really, really love—is a big one on my wish list this year.

4.  A workshop with Elizabeth Messina

To be fair, while I’d LOVE to spend a day learning from her, I’d also just settle for a hug.

5. An engagement shoot in Paris

I get that Paris, France is a little cheesy and cliche when it comes to love and romance, but truth be told? I don’t care! 🙂 I think that’s absolutely why you should consider making a trip to Paris for your engagement celebrations—and bring me with you!

Can you imagine that story?

“Hey, honey, remember that one time we went to Paris on a weekend whim to celebrate our engagement and brought that really nice photographer along with us?”
“Yeah, that was the best…maybe even better than the wedding!”
*the two of you go back and sift through your incredible photos together and reminisce*

See? Do it!

6. A wedding in Tuscany

Imagine you and your beloved…standing on that green, green hill. The sun is setting behind you as he gives you a soft, little kiss on the forehead.

Now, imagine that image on a gorgeous canvas to enjoy for the rest of your lives.

Tuscany would be an absolutely incredible place to shoot (and celebrate!) a wedding, and I’m really crossing my fingers that one day, this wish will be a reality.

7. An elopement on the Amalfi Coast

Another Italy location. (I’m not obsessed with Italy at all.) As your dedicated Pittsburgh destination wedding photographer, I vow that if you elope to the Amalfi Coast and take me with you, you will received free baked goods from me for life.

8. A wedding at Bedford Springs (AKA, my happy place.)

Look at this! Even better, it’s right here in Pennsylvania. Are you planning a wedding right now? Because if so…

I absolutely love this gorgeous, gorgeous venue. It’s exquisite to say the least, with hoards of natural light that make for perfect portraits every time.

9. TIME.

Allow me to wax poetic for a moment:

Really, I do wish there was more time.

More time for more weddings.
More engagements.
More styled shoots.
More time with my dog.
More time for baking.
More time spent sitting and getting to know my clients.
More time to travel.

Santa? If there’s anything you can do to make that happen…

Where would you have your dream destination wedding? Dream honeymoon? Dream solo-travel excursion? Let me know!

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