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Pittsburgh Date Ideas for the Hopelessly Romantic

These Pittsburgh date ideas are perfect if you’re looking to break out of the old dinner-and-a-movie routine this Valentine’s Day. (Though I’ll grant you, there is some food and film happening on this list, but it’s good food and film. Promise.)

To that end, I wanted to throw together a little blog post to help my clients—both the newlyweds and the nearly-weds—come up with some great date ideas, either to de-stress during a time of hectic wedding planning, or to just reconnect.

I’m sure you’ll find something perfect for both of you here!

1. Take a (free!) visit to the West End Overlook

It’s free, makes for a relaxing walk, and the view is gorgeous. A great way to connect—both with your love, and with our city.

2. Take some cooking classes at Crate

If you’re gonna eat, why not eat really awesome food you made?

3. Go back in time at Pittsburgh’s best vintage arcade

From what I’ve heard, this place is HUGE. A great date for pop culture and gaming fans who like a little friendly competition!

4. Make something amazing at the Pittsburgh Glass Center

So, I did toss a paint-your-own-ceramics place on this list, but if that’s a little too vanilla for you, maybe playing with fire will be more up your alley?

5. See a timeless film at the Row House Cinema

If you’re gonna see a movie on a date, at least make it an awesome one. Check out Row House Cinema’s rotating list of old flicks and “random” movie nights!

6. Do yoga. Really.

The most relaxing of Pittsburgh date ideas! TakeYoga is a pretty interesting yoga studio which, I’m told, has aero yoga, or yoga performed on swings. Definitely worth checking out!

7. Laugh it up at a comedy show

The Arcade Comedy Theater has been around for quite a while, and they actually offer classes in improv, too! So, take a class or just go see a show!

8. Paint some ceramics

Color Me Mine has a huge selection of fun stuff to paint. It’s a family-friendly establishment, but if you’re looking for something a little different to do, give it a shot! Maybe paint some art for your home. 🙂

9. Visit the Wagman Observatory for some stargazing

The second free one of my Pittsburgh date ideas: stargazing! You have to keep an eye on the calendar, but the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh puts together free nights where you can use the observatory or bring your own equipment.


10. Get out in nature (even if it’s cold)

Another one that requires you to keep your eye on the calendar: the Allegheny County website keeps a calendar of upcoming events. Most of these events are nature-related, and free.

11. Brew your own beer

This would be *awesome* for a group date. Get about 6 people together, collect $200 total, and you can head over to Copper Kettle and brew 4 cases of your own beer. Really interesting. Check it out!

Comment and let me know where you plan to dine and imbibe in Pittsburgh this Valentine’s day!

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