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The Pitfalls of Pinterest

*raises hand*

Hello everyone.

My name is Maria Palermo.

I am a Pinterestaholic. With no plans for recovery.

That said, I’m probably the perfect person to spend a minute or two discussing the pitfalls of Pinterest—at least, concerning photography.

I want to address what I feel like is the blurring of lines between taking inspiration from others’ ideas and attempting to copy another style exactly.

Because originality matters. You are an original. And I really want to hammer home how important and beautiful and wonderful and special that is.

Part of that involves no longer succumbing to the pitfalls of Pinterest (myself included) and paying close attention:

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed more and more couples requesting very specific images to be recreated on their wedding day. The thing is, over and over, each of these clients request the same handful of images–ones I have absolutely seen pinned again and again on Pinterest.

I love to make every wedding photo experience as fun and unique as possible, so I am all for creative photos, and Pinterest has been a tremendous resource for gathering inspiration! But…

…unfortunately many of the most highly-requested images at weddings have already become *gasp*…


So, for your protection—

—here are 3 reasons NOT to attempt to recreate those gimmicky wedding photos we all stumble upon again and again on Pinterest: 

1. Gimmicky, cliche wedding photos take attention away from the story, and put the attention, instead, on the photo.

Let’s take the old, popular T-Rex wedding photo, for example. (I haven’t seen it in awhile, but nevertheless.)

If you were to place 12 T-Rex wedding photos side by side, you’d see 12 nameless wedding parties. You’d flip through the photos, bemused momentarily, and think, “Hm. There were a lot of dinosaur wedding pictures that year.”

Those folks set aside valuable time on their wedding day to take that photo, and now that photo’s just been overshadowed by a trend—not a story, just a trend.

2. You miss out on creating really timeless images

Gimmicky, trendy wedding photos sacrifice timelessness for what amounts to a cheap laugh. (That T-Rex photo, for example.)

The thing is, the personalities of the couples I work with shine through so very, very brightly and timelessly!

You want the documentation of your love story to be as candid and as true to form as the day it was captured–not played out and hidden in the bottom of a drawer or image folder until the end of time.

Still want to be a little crazy and show off your fun side?

Just be you! Let the photographer capture what’s already there. It takes less time. It’s more sincere.

It lasts a lifetime.

3. Trendy photos don’t tell your story—they tell someone else’s.

If you’re browsing Pinterest and find a funny photo you want to recreate on your wedding day, ask yourself:

does this photo tell your story?

Let’s use Mister T-Rex again, for this example.

So, you have your photographer photoshop T-Rex in the background of your wedding party photos.

Are you paleontologists?

‘Cause if not, why are you running from a dinosaur? Does this really demonstrate who you are? Why did T-Rex get invited to your wedding? And why is he so angry? And why isn’t he being a nice guest and bringing me a cookie?!

I’m more than happy to take some zany photos for you on your wedding day: my only concern is that in 20, 30, 4o years, you’ll be able to look back at those photos and see a shining example of who you were—so you can see how far you’ve come.

The takeaway…

A professional photographer is at the forefront of their industry, constantly paying attention to trends and trading ideas with other professionals from all over the world.

In other words—the really unique and creative photo ideas aren’t even on Pinterest yet! And I say this with the hope that you’ll put faith in your photographer’s experience and step away from Pinterest (for just a moment!)

I’ll be on Pinterest if you have any questions. 😉

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