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My Top 5 Photography Resolutions for the New Year

2017 is here! In celebration, I wanted to share my photography resolutions for the new year.

First things first—what the what 2016? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a year fly by so quickly. That’s absolutely crazy to me. Pretty sure David Bowie just went out like a speeding bullet last January and dragged the space-time continuum along with him.

But enough about that. Photography resolutions.

1. Shoot more photos in my personal life. (Whoops.)

My life is pretty great—in part, because I spend so much of it totally entrenched with my happy clients, telling their beautiful love stories.

But hey—my life’s a story worth telling, too!

This year, one of the photography resolutions I’m really committing to is simply to take more photos for myself. And not just iPhone photos, either.

Even more importantly, this will definitely help keep me grounded in my mission: to tell stories meaningfully and vibrantly, because stories matter.

2. Actually print photographs I’ve taken.

The good thing is that there are a ton of great apps online these days making that much easier. While organizing and printing my digital photos might be a bit more time-consuming, I can definitely commit to using an app like Chatbooks to create photobooks from my iPhone photos in seconds.

I think a lot of professional photographers in the 21st century definitely have a hard time stepping away from the computer and dedicating time to memorializing photos by way of books, art prints, and so forth. But one day, that’s all that will be left—something to touch, something with texture.

So, printing more of my photos is going to be a really important goal for me this year.

3. Practice “freelensing“, Brenizer, and double-exposure techniques.


photography resolutions

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/experimentofthenature/5327038612/

I’d happily spend time going on and on about each of these techniques here, but this resolution isn’t really about the techniques themselves. (If you want to know more about them, feel free to click on the links!)

As far as photography resolutions go, I think this one is one of the most important: learning and practicing new techniques is a way to stay “in shape” as a photographer, if you will. My goal this year was to pick 3 techniques I was really curious about and interested in, and commit to practicing them.

If you’re a photographer—beginning or advanced—I’d suggest the same thing! Pick 3 beginner techniques, or 3 advanced techniques, and just commit to practicing them. Every time you go out for a photo session, pick a technique, and spend some time practicing it there.

Not only will that give you the opportunity to explore and evolve your style a little bit, it’ll also help you provide your clients with some interesting options!

4. BLOG MORE. (Note the all caps there.)

I spend so much time connecting with clients and getting outside for photo sessions that I don’t spend a lot of time ticking away at the keyboard to create blog posts.

Thing is, I know clients love seeing their sessions up on the blog (and sharing those posts!) so that’s something I absolutely want to get better at for you guys. I think a great way to start would be to just schedule time out every week to do that.

5. Spend more time with my puppy, Meko!

photography resolutions

I know this might not seem like a real photography resolution, but trust me, it is: because if I’m spending more time with Meko, I’ll be taking a million photographs of him, too!

Meko is my Pomeranian. I named him after my favorite island in Greece, and he brings so much joy into my life! Unfortunately, workaholics like me tend to miss opportunities for long walks or trips to the dog park.

Not this year—this year, I resolve to allow myself breaks so I can spend more time connecting with my sweet little Meko.

Help me stick to them! Leave me some tips in the comments, and share your photography resolutions (or any resolutions at all!)

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