A guide for clients seeking photography outside of Pittsburgh, PA USA

I. LOVE. to travel.

I have been the proud owner of a travel bug since as far back as I can remember, so it only seems logical that my two passions should collide--and that you should benefit!  If you are tying the knot, turning the big 3-0, launching a new business, celebrating one year or one decade of wedded bliss, or just collecting stamps on your passport, I would love to join you and memorialize your voyage forever on film.  Travel fees depend on location.  I travel all over the world many times per year,  you never know when I may be in your neck of the woods or headed to a mutual destination, so shoot me a message and let's talk travel!


I am a natural light photographer, everything I do will be centered around the best lighting available, whether Im scaling the cliffs of the Cinque Terre or the stairs of the Eiffel Tower.  I like simple backdrops, special details, and meaningful moments

It's OK if you aren't able to say upfront that you want a certain style, it’s more important to understand your personal style, and be ready to talk openly and realistically about your expectations. You should feel comfortable bringing informed opinions to your photographer. If you share a common understanding of your needs, you and your photographer will be able to discuss photography styles, moments you want to capture and keepsakes you want to create. When that relationship works, the time you spend with your photographer will be as important as the time spent with any member of your wedding party. 

Whatever you choose to do, keep this basic timetable tip in mind: At noon, the sun hits directly above casting harsh shadows, so beach destinations and unshaded areas are best shot at sunset or sunrise.  Late afternoon light is more flattering and easier to work with since there is a warm, natural glow at that time of day.  To beat the crowds, many busier destinations such as Paris or New York are best captured just after sunrise when you have the run of the town without having to arm wrestle tourists!

Let's Work Together