When was it decided that wearing lingerie was the only way to do boudoir? Why not spend that extra cash on a ball gown. Or 100 peonies. Something just as frivolous, but way more fun. So, what’s your boudoir?

You wake up every Sunday with a world of possibilities. Want to sleep in and stay in your PJ’s all day? Done. Brunch with your crew? Obviously. Sunday’s are a canvas for your light-hearted indulgences and frivolous fun.

What exactly is Sunday Funday (other than the most fun photoshoot money can buy)? Like actual Sunday’s, this shoot is your day off, and you get to choose how you see it. Is it an autumn morning with soft, warm light? Is it wanderlust for a french lavender field? Is it intimate, with only you and a white sheet? Show me your Sunday Funday!

The results were AMAZING. Maria's so good at capturing personality and the essence of who you are through the photos she takes. Kylee
I can't say enough about how much fun this was and what a great gift it is to yourself and to your special someone! Laura

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a print release?
For your safety, I only allow printing to happen through me. You don’t want the teenage boy at Walmart seeing your photos!

Can I post my photos on social media? 
Yes you can, but I recommend consulting me first. I can give you some advice on what to post and how to keep yourself safe.

Should I smile?
Of course! Laughing and smiling is more than encouraged. Happiness is beautiful!

How do I pose?
Don’t worry about this, I’ll be directing you the entire time. Even supermodels need direction.

Will you retouch my photos? 
I do light and color corrections, plus minor things like noticeable blemishes. We’re here to celebrate your body, not alter it.

Will you use my photos on your website?
This is all up to you. Choose what you feel your most comfortable with.

How do I choose my outfits/theme? 
Before the day of the shoot, we’ll meet for a styling consultation. We’ll be working together the entire time to decide on themes, sets, and outfits.

Do I have to wear lingerie? 
No way! Wear whatever your heart desires. Don’t be afraid to break the mold!

What if I’m nervous?
The shoot is going to feel weird for the first few minutes. This is expected, especially if you’ve never don't this before. I’ll be there to talk you through the entire shoot. And don’t forget to have fun!

Can I really bring a bunch of flowers?!
Yes! Please do!

Let's Work Together