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Your wedding is more than just a collection of photographs. It’s a story of your love. And I’m here to capture that story in all of its romantic glory. Imagine your dream wedding where your only responsibility is to fall more in love, while I capture all the beautiful moments for you to love forever.

9 Creative Flower Portrait Ideas

Bouquets, bouquets, bouquets…they’re great, and I love a gorgeous flower arrangement—but I think we can definitely come up with some more creative flower portrait ideas than just standing there holding a bouquet!

Today, I’m tossing out a couple of thoughts on some other things I think we could do with those gorgeous flowers.

These are ideas we could use pretty much anywhere: weddings, engagements, Sunday Funday—but I’d especially like to think about weddings, and about expanding our horizons when it comes to bridal photography.

Creative Flower Portrait Ideas

1. Hang some flowers up high, and stand below them

Here’s how they’ve used hanging flowers at a reception site, but I think it would look really gorgeous to hang strings of flowers up high, and do portraits below and among them! Much more creative than just standing and holding the bouquet!

2. Teeny, tiny flowers in your hair

Let’s have a spring bridal shoot, and use the tiniest flowers we can find to adorn your hair!

3. Floral wreaths and nests!

This photo is actually of a floral newborn portrait prop, but we can totally use a similar concept to make wreathes, or even nests to photograph details like shoes and rings.

4. A floral swing

I would love to decorate an old swing or bench with flowers and use it in some pretty wedding photos!

5. Spelling words with twine and flowers

These next four items are some of my favorite ones from this list here over at Brit+Co.

Simply take teeny flowers, some wire, and some twine, and spell out your wedding date, your last name—anything you like!

6. Flower crowns for everyone!

Flower crowns are big right now, but what I love about them is that you can get really creative. Use huge flowers or tiny ones—anything that expresses your personality!

7. Pressed flowers and book pages for book worms

This would be such a great idea for a book worm couple. Find a way to get creative with little pressed flowers and old book pages!

8. Bows and flowers

So, so simple, and so cute. You don’t need to spend a million bucks on flowers to make something perfect and pretty.

9. Flower arches and arbors

Last but definitely not least, I love a gorgeous flower arch. There are so many great, different ways to create flower arches, and not only do they look gorgeous during ceremony photos, but we can use them again during portraits!

Seen any other creative flower portrait ideas? Let me know! I’d love to see them and try them out!

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3 of the Best Pittsburgh Florists

Here’s another installment in my vendor recommendation posts! Today: the best Pittsburgh florists (at least, in my opinion!)

It’s always so hard for me to pick which vendors to feature in these posts—but, you’re choosing vendors for your big day, from an enormous selection, so I can only imagine a couple of recommendations here or there helps.

(For more recommendations, check out my vendor guide!)

Here we go!

1. Posy Floral and Event Styling

Posy is one of my favorite vendors to work with, which is why I consider them one of the best Pittsburgh florists. Their arrangements are always incredibly bright, vibrant, exciting and interesting, and everyone who works for them is always so friendly and accommodating! Here’s the info:

Website: http://www.posypgh.com/
Address: 3101 Brereton St., Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 412.298.2640
Email: posypgh@gmail.com

2. Mt. Lebanon Floral

Mt. Lebanon is a family-owned business that specializes in gifts, but does an incredible job with weddings, too! They’ve been serving the city for long time, which I think contributes to them being one of the best Pittsburgh florists, but I also really like how helpful they are when budget-conscious brides come to them.

Website: http://www.mtlebanonfloral.net/
Address: 725 Washington Rd, Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 412.561.2500

3. Blue Daisy Floral Designs

Blue Daisy is owned by a master florist and horticulturalist who is incredibly passionate about getting creative. Some of the work I’ve seen come out of this company is just phenomenal. Visit the site and check out their gallery—you won’t be disappointed!

Website: http://thebluedaisyfloral.com/
Address: 1022 Perry Hwy. Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 412.367.5810

Got a favorite florist of your own to add? Let me know!

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Pittsburgh Date Ideas for the Hopelessly Romantic

These Pittsburgh date ideas are perfect if you’re looking to break out of the old dinner-and-a-movie routine this Valentine’s Day. (Though I’ll grant you, there is some food and film happening on this list, but it’s good food and film. Promise.)

To that end, I wanted to throw together a little blog post to help my clients—both the newlyweds and the nearly-weds—come up with some great date ideas, either to de-stress during a time of hectic wedding planning, or to just reconnect.

I’m sure you’ll find something perfect for both of you here!

1. Take a (free!) visit to the West End Overlook

It’s free, makes for a relaxing walk, and the view is gorgeous. A great way to connect—both with your love, and with our city.

2. Take some cooking classes at Crate

If you’re gonna eat, why not eat really awesome food you made?

3. Go back in time at Pittsburgh’s best vintage arcade

From what I’ve heard, this place is HUGE. A great date for pop culture and gaming fans who like a little friendly competition!

4. Make something amazing at the Pittsburgh Glass Center

So, I did toss a paint-your-own-ceramics place on this list, but if that’s a little too vanilla for you, maybe playing with fire will be more up your alley?

5. See a timeless film at the Row House Cinema

If you’re gonna see a movie on a date, at least make it an awesome one. Check out Row House Cinema’s rotating list of old flicks and “random” movie nights!

6. Do yoga. Really.

The most relaxing of Pittsburgh date ideas! TakeYoga is a pretty interesting yoga studio which, I’m told, has aero yoga, or yoga performed on swings. Definitely worth checking out!

7. Laugh it up at a comedy show

The Arcade Comedy Theater has been around for quite a while, and they actually offer classes in improv, too! So, take a class or just go see a show!

8. Paint some ceramics

Color Me Mine has a huge selection of fun stuff to paint. It’s a family-friendly establishment, but if you’re looking for something a little different to do, give it a shot! Maybe paint some art for your home. 🙂

9. Visit the Wagman Observatory for some stargazing

The second free one of my Pittsburgh date ideas: stargazing! You have to keep an eye on the calendar, but the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh puts together free nights where you can use the observatory or bring your own equipment.


10. Get out in nature (even if it’s cold)

Another one that requires you to keep your eye on the calendar: the Allegheny County website keeps a calendar of upcoming events. Most of these events are nature-related, and free.

11. Brew your own beer

This would be *awesome* for a group date. Get about 6 people together, collect $200 total, and you can head over to Copper Kettle and brew 4 cases of your own beer. Really interesting. Check it out!

Comment and let me know where you plan to dine and imbibe in Pittsburgh this Valentine’s day!

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3 of My Favorite Pittsburgh Bakeries

Pittsburgh wedding cakes aren’t hard to come by—this city is swarming with really, really talented cake artists, pastry chefs, and more.

And of course, being the baking enthusiast that I am, I’m going to have my recommendations!

You can find out more about my vendor recommendations and here. Meanwhile, let’s talk cake!

1. Butterwood Bake Consortium

Pittsburgh wedding cakes

Source: http://www.thebutterwoodbakeconsortium.com/

I’ve photographed several weddings featuring Butterwood’s incredibly rich and delicious cakes. One of my favorite things about this vendor: they’re open late (until 11pm from Wednesday to Saturday!) so you can always go in and check out their amazing treats and enjoy a cup of coffee while you’re at it!

Here’s the info:

Website: http://www.thebutterwoodbakeconsortium.com/
Phone: 412-781-0218
Address5222 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA
Social:  https://www.instagram.com/thebutterwoodbakeconsortium/

2. Prantl’s Bakery

Pittsburgh wedding cakes

Source: http://www.prantlsbakery.com/weddings/

Prantl’s comes highly recommended for Pittsburgh wedding cakes—not only by me, but by this food writer over at HuffPo.

Here’s the info:

Website: http://www.prantlsbakery.com

Downtown Pittsburgh
Address: 438 Market Street, Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 412-471-6861

Shadyside location
Address: 5525 Walnut Street, Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 412-621-2092
Email: info@prantlsbakery.com

(Psst: see more Pittsburgh wedding cakes on my vendor page here.)

3. Bella Christie and Lil’ Z’s Sweet Boutique

Pittsburgh wedding cakes

Source: http://www.asweetboutique.com/galleries-2/

The Sweet Boutique has an incredibly diverse array of unique options to make your wedding really fun—a doughnut station, a french fry station, a popcorn creation station…you have to see it for yourself!

But of course, they also make some incredible wedding cakes with flavors ranging from vanilla to banana and almond.

Here’s the info!


Aspinwall location
Address: 213 Commercial Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA (Closed Sundays)

Lawrenceville location
Address: 3511 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA

Phone: 412-772-1283


Do You Really Need a Second Shooter? Part 2 of 2

Do you really need a second shooter? I’m answering this question in this 2-part post. (The first part of this answer can be found here!)

A few days ago, we went over 2 myths about the second shooter and their necessity at a wedding. We learned:

1. You don’t need a second shooter to ensure your photographer can be in “two places at once”—a skilled professional photographer is going to get absolutely all the important details, no matter what.


2. While a second shooter might net you more photos, more doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Today, I want to dispell one more myth before sending you off with my final thoughts!

Do You Really Need a Second Shooter? 

do you really need a second shooter

Myth: I’m having a huge wedding with 400 people on an enormous, sprawling piece of land, and I really need two people there to be able to capture all of it.

Reality: Okay, you got me. This is one of those exceptions—but bear with me here.

Enter: Lauren. (Scroll down for a little bit about her.)

Lauren is Palermo Photography’s Associate Photographer. (Note the distinction in title between “second shooter” and “associate photographer.”)

Lauren is more than just a “second shooter.” I proudly recommend her because of her consistently high quality work, likeness in style to the Palermo Photography brand, personable nature, and professionalism.

Her level of expertise and education makes her the perfect asset when a second photographer is absolutely necessary, especially in situations where there is a lot—sometimes acres—of ground to cover.

Final Thoughts

do you really need a second shooter

I offer these thoughts with over a decade of experience behind the camera.

The bottom line:

A skilled professional photographer should spend adequate time getting to know their clients, staying completely abreast of everything in the industry, and working to ensure their clients have an experience that is totally tailored to them—second shooter or not.

If a second shooter would make you feel more comfortable, I am 1000% happy to deliver on that!

At the end of the day, though, my best advice is to spend your money wisely.

Don’t go bargain hunting with your life’s important memories and end up with two moderately skilled photographers.

Instead, hire the best quality photographer you can afford.

When my wedding day comes, I know what I’ll choose, but I’m also extremely interested in what you think.

Leave a comment below!

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Do You Really Need a Second Shooter? Part 1 of 2

Do you really need a second shooter? In this 2-part post, I’ll be answering that question from my perspective.


Over 10 years ago (ahhhh!) I got started in the wedding industry as a second shooter—if you ask around, you’ll find that most professional wedding photographers do!

do you really need a second shooter

Not only is hiring a second shooter pretty commonplace, but it’s a growing trend in wedding photography.

I have my thoughts on the second shooter:

  1. If my client specifically requests one, I will always accommodate—my first and foremost goal is to be sure you feel comfortable, happy, and attended to while working with me, so of course I’ll be sure you get anything you need to that end.
  2. With a few exceptions (extremely large, 350+ guest weddings being one of them,) I don’t believe they’re completely necessary…

…and in certain cases can even detract from having the most amazing wedding photography experience possible.

Let me take just 2 minutes to explain.

Do You Really Need a Second Shooter?

First, if you aren’t familiar with the term “second shooter,” it’s pretty much what it sounds like: you hire a second photographer to work alongside your primary photographer.

Typically, you hire this person through your primary photographer—in other words, a “second shooter” is most often found as something you can add on to your primary photography package.

There are dozens of reason why couples like to add a second shooter onto their wedding photography packages, and dozens of reasons why some professional photographers even prefer to work with a second shooter on the day of.

I’m going to list off those reasons, and then…

…I’m going to talk about them. 😉

Second Shooter Myths vs. Realities

do you really need a second shooter

Myth: A second shooter means my photographer can be in “two places at once.”

Reality: By having a less-experienced second shooter with the groomsmen while the primary photographer is with the bride, you risk having photos of two totally different styles and skill levels. A little planning, however, can go a long way.

I hear this a lot—“While you’re taking photos of the bride getting ready, who is going to take photos of the groom getting ready?”


“While you’re photographing the bride coming down the aisle, who is going to photograph the groom’s facial expression when he sees her?”

Let me start by saying this—hundreds of experienced professional wedding photographers (including myself here—*ahem*) do not worry about being able to do this on their own. 95% of the time, your photographer is fast, inconspicuous, and is constantly moving.

The truth is: oftentimes, a second shooter can impede this.


a.) we’re bumping into each other or

b.) the second shooter doesn’t have the same style—or worse, the same level of expertise—as the primary shooter, so you’ll get subpar photos of the groom getting ready and a completely different quality and style of images of the bride getting ready.

If you’re want a second shooter because you want your photographer to be in “two places at once,” know this:

a little planning (as in, extremely minor adjustments to the timeline of your day) can make a whole world of difference!

do you really need a second shooter

Myth: A second shooter means I’ll get even more photos, which will help tell an even more complete story of my day.

Reality: In wedding photography, quantity doesn’t equal quality. It’s far better to have 1,000 gorgeous images versus an overwhelming collection of 3000 images of mixed quality (who needs 3000 pictures of anything??) Worse: 2 photographers equals twice the intrusion. Your wedding day is about you—and nothing should distract from that.

More images does not equal a better overall story that unfolds from your final delivered images.

It’s important to think about quality versus quantity here.

Your photographer shouldn’t have to deliver 3000 images to be able to tell your story effectively. Instead, your photographer should have practiced, proven experience in lighting, composition, photojournalism, and more.

Additionally, 3000+ images is an overwhelming experience resulting in a photo story that gets totally lost.

The good news: I typically deliver between 1,000-1,500 images per wedding. I can tell you right now—I don’t miss anything!

It’s also important to think about how it feels having a photographer standing over you while you get ready…

…a photographer in the middle of the dance floor…

…a photographer crouched nearby while you and your new spouse cut the cake…

…a photographer skittering about a quiet wedding ceremony…

Now double that.

On my own, I’m deft as a fox—after all, I’ve had about 10 years of practice!

(Seriously, though, I’m a pro at two things: taking pictures, and not being seen!)

The truth is, while I spend most of my time waaaay behind the scenes, sometimes you’re just going to notice me.

Add a second shooter to the mix though? It’s a whole other ball game.

Do you really need a second shooter? Check the blog tomorrow for part 2.


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My Top 5 Photography Resolutions for the New Year

2017 is here! In celebration, I wanted to share my photography resolutions for the new year.

First things first—what the what 2016? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a year fly by so quickly. That’s absolutely crazy to me. Pretty sure David Bowie just went out like a speeding bullet last January and dragged the space-time continuum along with him.

But enough about that. Photography resolutions.

1. Shoot more photos in my personal life. (Whoops.)

My life is pretty great—in part, because I spend so much of it totally entrenched with my happy clients, telling their beautiful love stories.

But hey—my life’s a story worth telling, too!

This year, one of the photography resolutions I’m really committing to is simply to take more photos for myself. And not just iPhone photos, either.

Even more importantly, this will definitely help keep me grounded in my mission: to tell stories meaningfully and vibrantly, because stories matter.

2. Actually print photographs I’ve taken.

The good thing is that there are a ton of great apps online these days making that much easier. While organizing and printing my digital photos might be a bit more time-consuming, I can definitely commit to using an app like Chatbooks to create photobooks from my iPhone photos in seconds.

I think a lot of professional photographers in the 21st century definitely have a hard time stepping away from the computer and dedicating time to memorializing photos by way of books, art prints, and so forth. But one day, that’s all that will be left—something to touch, something with texture.

So, printing more of my photos is going to be a really important goal for me this year.

3. Practice “freelensing“, Brenizer, and double-exposure techniques.


photography resolutions

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/experimentofthenature/5327038612/

I’d happily spend time going on and on about each of these techniques here, but this resolution isn’t really about the techniques themselves. (If you want to know more about them, feel free to click on the links!)

As far as photography resolutions go, I think this one is one of the most important: learning and practicing new techniques is a way to stay “in shape” as a photographer, if you will. My goal this year was to pick 3 techniques I was really curious about and interested in, and commit to practicing them.

If you’re a photographer—beginning or advanced—I’d suggest the same thing! Pick 3 beginner techniques, or 3 advanced techniques, and just commit to practicing them. Every time you go out for a photo session, pick a technique, and spend some time practicing it there.

Not only will that give you the opportunity to explore and evolve your style a little bit, it’ll also help you provide your clients with some interesting options!

4. BLOG MORE. (Note the all caps there.)

I spend so much time connecting with clients and getting outside for photo sessions that I don’t spend a lot of time ticking away at the keyboard to create blog posts.

Thing is, I know clients love seeing their sessions up on the blog (and sharing those posts!) so that’s something I absolutely want to get better at for you guys. I think a great way to start would be to just schedule time out every week to do that.

5. Spend more time with my puppy, Meko!

photography resolutions

I know this might not seem like a real photography resolution, but trust me, it is: because if I’m spending more time with Meko, I’ll be taking a million photographs of him, too!

Meko is my Pomeranian. I named him after my favorite island in Greece, and he brings so much joy into my life! Unfortunately, workaholics like me tend to miss opportunities for long walks or trips to the dog park.

Not this year—this year, I resolve to allow myself breaks so I can spend more time connecting with my sweet little Meko.

Help me stick to them! Leave me some tips in the comments, and share your photography resolutions (or any resolutions at all!)

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5 Reasons to Do a First Look

Thinking of knocking tradition? Need some reasons to do a first look?

I’m all about turning old-timey wedding traditions upside down! With 10+ years experience in the wedding industry, trust me: you won’t get bad luck if you see each other before the ceremony.

Need convincing?

Look no further.

1. Get the most amazing photos.

reasons to do a first look

I’m listing this first because of all the reasons to do a first look, this is probably my favorite. Photos. Amazing, organic, emotional, story-filled photos.

If you see each other for the first time at the ceremony, of course you’re going to feel something…

…but with the officiant talking…a baby cooing in the audience…the best man letting out a cough…there’s really not going to be room for that feeling to breathe.

Your heart will be pumping, and I’ll be snapping away at those perfect smiles…

…but when you do a first look somewhere private, intimate—just you, me, and the love of your life—you capture something incredibly powerful and organic.

In that private space without all those leering eyes, you and your love are free to let your excitement and joy overflow in the most natural, organic way possible, making for some incredibly memorable photographs (and moments!)

2. Calm down, connect, and get relaxed.

The second of my top reasons to do a first look—

—seeing each other before the ceremony gives you both a chance to let go, connect, and relax before you exchange those lifelong vows.

Let’s face it. Getting married is an exciting, happy time, but it can also do a number on the nerves. And when you’re at your most nervous, why stay away from the one person who knows how to calm you down more than anyone else?

Rather than forgoing connection for the sake of tradition, use this time to lean on each other—being able to do that is what marriages are made of after all, right?

3. You’ll get a SECOND first look at the ceremony!

reasons to do a first look

So many couples tell me they want their first look to be at the ceremony. That’s great! And I will never, ever try to convince a couple to go the other direction if this is something that’s really important to them. (All that matters to me is that you get absolutely everything you need to make your wedding day perfect.)

But if you’re looking for some convincing, know this:

The pre-ceremony first look is something else entirely.

After that, you go your separate ways. And then…

…then there’s that glorious moment then the doors swing open and you see him standing up there, waiting for you, with an entirely different look on his face—one that says: “Here it is! This is it! There you are!”

Seeing each other prior to the ceremony has never detracted from that. If anything, it makes it more intimate because you’ve had the opportunity to connect and talk about how you’re feeling. You’ll be walking towards someone who you know better, in that moment, than you did just minutes ago.

It’s a beautiful thing!

4. Get bridal party photos out of the way.

So, this is a great one.

Doing a first look is one of the top ways brides and grooms (and wedding coordinators!) are helping each other stay organized on the day of.

Not much explanation goes into this. All you have to do is get ready a little earlier in the day.

Then, set aside about 2 hours before the ceremony just to hang out and take pictures with friends, family, and your bridal party! Get them all out of the way, so you don’t have to think about anything else except getting married and having an amazing day!

5. Head straight to the reception after the ceremony.

reasons to do a first look

If timeliness is important to you, then here’s likely to be one of your favorite reasons to do a first look:

Traditionally, when couples don’t do a first look, all the portraits are taken immediately following the ceremony.

That means that while your wedding guests head to the reception venue, you and your bridal party and your family are stuck behind for an hour, sometimes 2 hours, taking pictures while everyone else hangs out at another location eating cookies.

A lot of couples combat this by providing a cocktail hour after the ceremony…

…but do you really think one single hour is enough time to get all the photos you want?! (I mean, we can make that happen…but the rushing! The travel time!)

Doing a first look means you can get your portraits, the bridal party portraits, and the family portraits all out of the way so that after the ceremony you can do what you REALLY want to do and head straight to the reception for some cake (and maybe a drink or three!)

So, what are your thoughts on the first look? Stick to tradition or try something new? Let me know in the comments!

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9 Things on My 2016 Photography Wish List

Looking for an experienced Pittsburgh destination wedding photographer? Contact Palermo Photography now!


This is part wish list, and part my attempt at waving my arms wildly and saying, “Hey! Anyone looking for a great Pittsburgh destination wedding photographer?” Just saying—I know a girl who knows a girl with lots of destination wedding experience.

Seriously, though, I love my city. I love our huge palatial churches and I love all the gorgeous and unique places I get to photograph weddings in every year.

I especially love that, as a wedding photographer, I get to balance my love of Pittsburgh out with my love of traveling. I’ve shot weddings all over the country and traveled across the ocean, and I’m so excited to get to do more of that.

Still, in addition to my travel goals, there are a few other things I’m dreaming of, too.

Here’s what I have my eye on:

1. Lo & Sons Claremont Bag

pittsburgh destination wedding photographer

I absolutely love the exquisite craftsmanship of this camera bag—yes, a camera bag!

2. Photobooks like this from Artifact Uprising

pittsburgh destination wedding photographer

Artifact Uprising is a pretty incredible company that makes everything from wood calendars to these simple yet sweet little photo books. I’d love to grab a collection of my favorite photos and make several of their books!

3. A Leica camera

pittsburgh destination wedding photographer

One of the things I love about shooting film is that it really forces you to slow down and pay even closer attention to all the aspects of a great photograph. It even expands beyond that, since developing the film takes precious time—if you have your own darkroom, you can get even more involved in the process.

This camera—with a body and design I also really, really love—is a big one on my wish list this year.

4.  A workshop with Elizabeth Messina

To be fair, while I’d LOVE to spend a day learning from her, I’d also just settle for a hug.

5. An engagement shoot in Paris

I get that Paris, France is a little cheesy and cliche when it comes to love and romance, but truth be told? I don’t care! 🙂 I think that’s absolutely why you should consider making a trip to Paris for your engagement celebrations—and bring me with you!

Can you imagine that story?

“Hey, honey, remember that one time we went to Paris on a weekend whim to celebrate our engagement and brought that really nice photographer along with us?”
“Yeah, that was the best…maybe even better than the wedding!”
*the two of you go back and sift through your incredible photos together and reminisce*

See? Do it!

6. A wedding in Tuscany

Imagine you and your beloved…standing on that green, green hill. The sun is setting behind you as he gives you a soft, little kiss on the forehead.

Now, imagine that image on a gorgeous canvas to enjoy for the rest of your lives.

Tuscany would be an absolutely incredible place to shoot (and celebrate!) a wedding, and I’m really crossing my fingers that one day, this wish will be a reality.

7. An elopement on the Amalfi Coast

Another Italy location. (I’m not obsessed with Italy at all.) As your dedicated Pittsburgh destination wedding photographer, I vow that if you elope to the Amalfi Coast and take me with you, you will received free baked goods from me for life.

8. A wedding at Bedford Springs (AKA, my happy place.)

Look at this! Even better, it’s right here in Pennsylvania. Are you planning a wedding right now? Because if so…

I absolutely love this gorgeous, gorgeous venue. It’s exquisite to say the least, with hoards of natural light that make for perfect portraits every time.

9. TIME.

Allow me to wax poetic for a moment:

Really, I do wish there was more time.

More time for more weddings.
More engagements.
More styled shoots.
More time with my dog.
More time for baking.
More time spent sitting and getting to know my clients.
More time to travel.

Santa? If there’s anything you can do to make that happen…

Where would you have your dream destination wedding? Dream honeymoon? Dream solo-travel excursion? Let me know!

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12 Toasty Warm Winter Wedding Cover Ups

Okay, so not all of these will keep you warm in subzero temperatures, but I still can’t help but love all these wedding cover ups!

While autumn and winter are typically a wedding photographer’s “slow seasons,” I still get several couples looking to take advantage of the crisp, clean white background a beautiful winter has to offer, or the bright pops of color we might discover during a fall portrait session in the woods.

If you’re one of those brides (or thinking about becoming one!) here are some great wedding cover ups for you to get inspired by!

1. Something soft and intricate

2. A cable-knitted shawl

3. A bright red cardigan with matching details

4. A giant, fuzzy, hooded cape

5. A breezy, lacy bolero

6. A deep, woodsy brown, fur shawl

7. A leather jacket

8. Short dresses + fuzzy wedding cover ups = <3

9. A bright yellow cardigan to match the setting sun

10. An alternative to the white dress with a deep, burgundy sweater

11. Something soft and pastel with sweet, floral details

12. White sweaters paired with chunky, woodsy scarves

How about you? Could you pull off an outdoor wedding in the autumn or winter? Tell me about it!

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