Candace & Tom

Destination: historic Williamsburg, VA

Candace & Tom met in Williamsburg, VA many years ago while training for their military careers. "I work for the dept of defense and Tom is a seal.  We both love to travel, which is convenient because we have gone to Afghanistan twice together and both been to Iraq at least once.  Outside of work we love to travel as well, but prefer much more beautiful and peaceful spots like Jackson Hole, Wy (our favorite place!) and Switzerland, and we are moving to Argentina!  We like Williamsburg because it is not only where we met, but where we got engaged.  Tom lives in Virginia Beach and I will be leaving sunny Texas in early January to join Tom there and learn more Spanish."  If that much travel doesn't have your head spinning, you can certainly see why traveling to a meaningful destination was a guarantee to celebrate the engagement of this jetting couple!
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