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Your wedding is more than just a collection of photographs. It’s a story of your love. And I’m here to capture that story in all of its romantic glory. Imagine your dream wedding where your only responsibility is to fall more in love, while I capture all the beautiful moments for you to love forever.

Do You Really Need a Second Shooter? Part 2 of 2

Do you really need a second shooter? I’m answering this question in this 2-part post. (The first part of this answer can be found here!)

A few days ago, we went over 2 myths about the second shooter and their necessity at a wedding. We learned:

1. You don’t need a second shooter to ensure your photographer can be in “two places at once”—a skilled professional photographer is going to get absolutely all the important details, no matter what.


2. While a second shooter might net you more photos, more doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Today, I want to dispell one more myth before sending you off with my final thoughts!

Do You Really Need a Second Shooter? 

do you really need a second shooter

Myth: I’m having a huge wedding with 400 people on an enormous, sprawling piece of land, and I really need two people there to be able to capture all of it.

Reality: Okay, you got me. This is one of those exceptions—but bear with me here.

Enter: Lauren. (Scroll down for a little bit about her.)

Lauren is Palermo Photography’s Associate Photographer. (Note the distinction in title between “second shooter” and “associate photographer.”)

Lauren is more than just a “second shooter.” I proudly recommend her because of her consistently high quality work, likeness in style to the Palermo Photography brand, personable nature, and professionalism.

Her level of expertise and education makes her the perfect asset when a second photographer is absolutely necessary, especially in situations where there is a lot—sometimes acres—of ground to cover.

Final Thoughts

do you really need a second shooter

I offer these thoughts with over a decade of experience behind the camera.

The bottom line:

A skilled professional photographer should spend adequate time getting to know their clients, staying completely abreast of everything in the industry, and working to ensure their clients have an experience that is totally tailored to them—second shooter or not.

If a second shooter would make you feel more comfortable, I am 1000% happy to deliver on that!

At the end of the day, though, my best advice is to spend your money wisely.

Don’t go bargain hunting with your life’s important memories and end up with two moderately skilled photographers.

Instead, hire the best quality photographer you can afford.

When my wedding day comes, I know what I’ll choose, but I’m also extremely interested in what you think.

Leave a comment below!

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