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9 Creative Flower Portrait Ideas

Bouquets, bouquets, bouquets…they’re great, and I love a gorgeous flower arrangement—but I think we can definitely come up with some more creative flower portrait ideas than just standing there holding a bouquet!

Today, I’m tossing out a couple of thoughts on some other things I think we could do with those gorgeous flowers.

These are ideas we could use pretty much anywhere: weddings, engagements, Sunday Funday—but I’d especially like to think about weddings, and about expanding our horizons when it comes to bridal photography.

Creative Flower Portrait Ideas

1. Hang some flowers up high, and stand below them

Here’s how they’ve used hanging flowers at a reception site, but I think it would look really gorgeous to hang strings of flowers up high, and do portraits below and among them! Much more creative than just standing and holding the bouquet!

2. Teeny, tiny flowers in your hair

Let’s have a spring bridal shoot, and use the tiniest flowers we can find to adorn your hair!

3. Floral wreaths and nests!

This photo is actually of a floral newborn portrait prop, but we can totally use a similar concept to make wreathes, or even nests to photograph details like shoes and rings.

4. A floral swing

I would love to decorate an old swing or bench with flowers and use it in some pretty wedding photos!

5. Spelling words with twine and flowers

These next four items are some of my favorite ones from this list here over at Brit+Co.

Simply take teeny flowers, some wire, and some twine, and spell out your wedding date, your last name—anything you like!

6. Flower crowns for everyone!

Flower crowns are big right now, but what I love about them is that you can get really creative. Use huge flowers or tiny ones—anything that expresses your personality!

7. Pressed flowers and book pages for book worms

This would be such a great idea for a book worm couple. Find a way to get creative with little pressed flowers and old book pages!

8. Bows and flowers

So, so simple, and so cute. You don’t need to spend a million bucks on flowers to make something perfect and pretty.

9. Flower arches and arbors

Last but definitely not least, I love a gorgeous flower arch. There are so many great, different ways to create flower arches, and not only do they look gorgeous during ceremony photos, but we can use them again during portraits!

Seen any other creative flower portrait ideas? Let me know! I’d love to see them and try them out!

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