I am a photographer, world traveler, espresso needer, baked goods enthusiast, loud laugher, and a lover of all things wedding!
Imagine your dream wedding where your only responsibility is to fall more in love, while I capture all the beautiful moments for you to cherish forever.  Let's make that dream a reality!

Hi! I'm Maria

I would describe my photography style as light and airy, romantic and timeless. I want your photographs to outlive you and be cherished for generations to come, so I take care with my editing and shooting style to be certain that your images will stand the test of time, rather than flutter from trend to trend.  I believe that making beautiful images is a collaboration between artist and subject so I strive to invite collaboration, to inspire the artist, and intrigue the lover within everyone who steps in front of my lens.


I LOVE love. I love the romance and the genuinely beautiful moments that unfold on a wedding day. A wedding is about the love that two people share and I’m always focused on capturing all the moments that tell your love story. The legacy of your family begins on that day and I make sure to capture it with authenticity and honor for the generations to come. I keep a photograph from my grandparents’ weddings above my desk to remind me everyday what this work is about.

i believe in love

I learned photography on a film camera, which has lead to my emphasis on natural light and more intimate, candid moments. I still shoot analog film alongside digital photography because I believe film uniquely captures detail and romance.  There is something tangible and visceral about film photos, the visual quality feels so honest. I love giving that artistry and uniqueness to my clients!  Any images I capture on film will be digitally scanned and mixed in with your digital images to create a cohesive collection of photographs as special and beautiful as your memories.


I am a natural light photographer, everything I do will be centered around the best lighting available to make you and your moments look as beautiful and natural as possible. While you may be planning your timeline around the best time to eat dinner or your ceremony time, I will be making timeline recommendations based on the best lighting available. In the months leading up to your wedding we will work together to ensure we have a realistic and well-thought out plan for the day.


I want my photos to tell the real story of your wedding day so you can expect lots of candid non-posed images of your joyful celebration. I take great care not to be a distraction from the day’s big events and special moments, but I take a hands-on approach to guide you when its time for posed images so that you can have beautiful, natural casual portraits with the ones you love, then I step back and let the fun unfold when its time to be in the moment.


I understand how awkward being photographed can be, so the core of my mission is all about client experience--you should be smiling at the camera because you’re having an awesome time, not because your photographer demands “smile!”  I make sure you are in the best light and guide you into poses that feel natural, allowing you guys to laugh and joke to show your personalities, as well as smile and smooch for more traditionally romantic portraits. We walk around, I take some photos, make some jokes--its a good time!

let's have fun!

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“There are no words for me to recommend Maria highly enough! From start to finish she was absolutely amazing to work with. She made sure she knew exactly what we wanted in advance—right down to the small, sentimental items we wanted photos of (which are now among my favorites). On the day of, she was so sweet, unobtrusive, professional, and SO easy going. She knew we wanted to be there to enjoy most of the festivities, so she kept all the posed photos on-schedule, quick but not rushed. We absolutely love the photos—we're having trouble choosing which ones to print!—and I can't even count the number of people who have said they're among the best wedding photos they've ever seen. Not only does Maria take incredible photos, she is a pleasure to be around. I seriously feel like I made a friend. My wedding philosophy was to choose my vendors carefully and then put my trust in them and it really paid off, especially with Maria. In summary, YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! Maria is the best there is.”


“We could not have had a better experience with Maria. Not only did she deliver AMAZING, BREATHTAKING photos that were everything we asked for, but she managed so much on the day of and was such a helpful presence. No one could figure out how to zip up my dress but her! She's funny, direct, honest, calm, an excellent problem solver-- everything you would want from someone who is with you every step of your day! I can't recommend her highly enough. This is the best money we spent for our wedding day.”


Maria has been amazing from day one. She met with us as a couple to get our vibe and vision before ever getting behind the lens. She always remained professional--she is on a mission for beautiful shots that she always gets! While remaining professional, she knew how to keep everyone laughing and having a good time during the shoot. All of our family and friends loved her at the wedding. She kept group photos organized and was able to get people to cocktail hour with time to spare. Photos that are timeless and will remind you of the best day of your life are definitely an investment. We can confidently say that Maria is the best around!”


Words can't begin to describe how amazing Maria is. We hired her to shoot our proposal, engagement, boudoir, and wedding (we're a bit obsessed with her work). She completely knocked everything out of the park! Her ability to capture candid moments is unparalleled. She coached us during posed portraits in a way that made everything feel so natural. She ended up becoming not only just our photographer, but our friend. HIRE HER, YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!


"Maria is simply put: the best. Her sweet & sassy personality makes the entire process so fun, she’s incredibly organized and has so many great wedding day tips, and of course, she is one amazing photographer. We did an engagement shoot that turned out wonderfully, which made us even more excited for the big day and made us more comfortable in front of the camera. Her tips on the timeline were extremely helpful, and she truly made the day go by with a breeze. Her attention to detail is incredible, and I’m not even sure how she got some of the shots she did - so stealthy! I knew we’d love our wedding photos, but the final portfolio far exceeded our expectations. Trust her experience and artist’s eye! You can’t go wrong with Maria capturing your big day!"


“Maria was incredible to work with from start to finish. When we first met Maria, we were not only impressed by the amazing quality of her work, but we were blown away by how comfortable she made us feel. It was like chatting with a friend we had known for years, and we knew that she would be able to bring out the best in us through her lens, which she did in both our engagement session and our wedding photos. Every photo was stunning and perfect. The only bad thing I can say is that you'll want prints of every single photo she takes because there's no way you can narrow it down! Hire Maria today... seriously, don't wait!”


“Working with Maria was like a dream. Her ability to capture your vision and bring it to life is unmatched. Her role in my wedding went way beyond photographer; she kept my timeline, she was a voice of reason and creativity, she was my stylist and my friend... Let's not forget her photos...they are breathtaking. She captured candid moments that I never would have dreamed that I would be able to relive through a photo. Our photos were classic and unique at the same time. I would recommend Palermo Photo to anyone!”


“Maria was really wonderful to work with! She was quick to communicate and respond, very professional but always had a big smile on her face, and she made everything effortless on the day of coordinating photo shoots with family members and the bridal party. Her photography services included both engagement and wedding photos, and I am so glad that we had engagement photos done because that gave us a chance to meet Maria and get comfortable in front of the camera before our big day. After the wedding, my whole family raved about how great she was and how easy she made everything.”


“When I look at my pictures, I can remember what I was feeling in those moments, and my heart is filled with such joy and happiness. And I will have these photos for the rest of my life to look back on and reminisce. Ladies, please invest in a photographer who has a passion for this business like Maria does. I promise you, you will not regret it. Flowers eventually die, wedding invitations get thrown away, your photographs last forever.”


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