You booked your photo shoot. NOW WHAT??!!


Its time to pop bottles and have some fun!

You wake up every Sunday with a world of possibilities. Want to sleep in and stay in your PJ’s all day? Done. Brunch with your crew? Obviously. Rose all day?  Only if you invite Maria ^__^ Sunday’s are a canvas for your light-hearted indulgences and frivolous fun--and this photo shoot should be just that!

What exactly is Sunday Funday--other than the most amazing photoshoot money can buy??? Like actual Sunday’s, this shoot is your day off, and you get to choose how you see it. Is it an autumn morning with soft, warm light? Is it wanderlust for a french lavender field? Is it intimate, with only you and a white sheet? Show me your Sunday Funday!

I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. And I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. Audrey Hepburn





10” little black book

25 digital images




8” little black boudoir book

20 digital images




5” boudoir book




  • $10 4x6" print
  • $20 5x7" print
  • $30 8x10" print
  • $250 20 digital files
  • $99 styling consult session





I understand that privacy is a HUGE concern for my clients due to the intimate nature of beauty & boudoir sessions and I fully respect and safeguard each of my clients' privacy.  Nothing will ever be published or visible online without your expressly granted permission.  You will be asked to fill out a release form prior to your shoot that will ask you to indicate whether or not you are of with photos going onto my website or blog, but you are under absolutely no pressure to do so.  We use only professional photo labs and album companies that safeguard the privacy of our clients images so you are protected from the time you enter the studio until you share your images with loved ones.


It is imperative that the model release and questionnaire are completed as soon as you confirm your appointment, I cannot photograph you without these forms so please fill them out as soon as possible.  If you did not receive the link for your forms please contact Maria asap.


You must select the images for your purchased products no later than 30 days after shoot date.  Purchases are non-refundable and credit will expire 30 days after the shoot date so be sure to choose your photos asap once you receive your proofing email.  Cash is the preferred payment method for studio purchases but checks and paypal are also accepted.  



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a print release?
For your safety, I only allow printing to happen through me. You don’t want the teenage boy working at the photo department at Target seeing your photos!

Can I post my photos on social media? 
Yes you can, but I recommend consulting me first. I can give you some advice on what to post and how to keep yourself safe.

Should I smile?
Of course! Laughing and smiling is more than encouraged. Happiness is beautiful!

How do I pose?

Don’t worry about this, I’ll be directing you the entire time. Even supermodels need to be directed!  Just relax and let me do all the work, you just get to stand there and look pretty!

Will you retouch my photos? 
I do light and color corrections, plus minor things like noticeable blemishes. We’re here to celebrate your body, not alter it.

Will you use my photos on your website?
This is all up to you. Choose what you feel your most comfortable with.

How do I choose my outfits/theme? 
We can meet for a styling consultation before your shoot to discuss outfits and ideas, otherwise I will help you pick from what you bring to your shoot just before we hop into action. Check out the info below to get started

Do I have to wear lingerie? 
No way! Wear whatever your heart desires. Don’t be afraid to break the mold!

What if I’m nervous?
The shoot is going to feel weird for the first few minutes. This is expected, especially if you’ve never don't this before. I’ll be there to talk you through the entire shoot. And don’t forget to have fun!

Can I really bring a bunch of flowers?!
Yes! Please do!!!!  If you want the hook up from my favorite florists who would be SO happy to design an amazing floral crown, bouquet, wearable floral, or just some pretty loose stems, check out my list of favs here:



Be sure that you are well hydrated and well nourished prior to your shoot.  Come to your shoot with clean DRY hair and clean, well moisturized skin with no makeup. Please do not flat iron your hair before your shoot if you would like curls or body in your style.  Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing and undergarments the day of your shoot because they will leave elastic pressure lines on your skin and will show in your photographs.  I suggest that you bring a comfy robe, change into it as soon as you arrive so your skin settles while your hair and makeup are styled.  If you think nerves may get the best of you, bring a glass of wine or champagne, cup of tea, whatever you like--but just one glass!  You better believe I had a few glasses of champagne before shooting my info video 😉


On the day of your shoot our expert stylists transform you into the bombshell that we know you can be!  Feel free to bring along a magazine clipping or photo for reference, or leave it up to your stylists to bring out what they believe would make you look your best on camera. Good styling is a key reason so many of our clients are astonished and thrilled with the result of their session.  You will likely be nervous but I promise you that if you trust the process and push through the first few awkward minutes of giggles your nerves will subside with every moment during your shoot, and before you know it you will be striking poses with confidence!  I will respectfully, yet playfully, coach you throughout your shoot, choosing poses that will flatter your body type and personality.  You won't love every image we take--that's impossible--but the goal is to find a right amount of photos from your shoot that you absolutely love!  The shoot will remain at your comfort level as long as you keep communicating.


Within days after your photoshoot, images will be uploaded to a private, password protected online gallery for you to view. Each image that you purchase will be lovingly hand-retouched to accent your best features, but keep in mind that my philosophy is to honor the beauty you are, without photoshop.  I am able to remove overt blemishes or bruises, lightly smooth skin, and enhance your natural features to make your images look beautiful, but still look like you.  I will not accommodate requests for reducing waist sizes, removing wrinkles or adding/removing major features because its simply counteractive to the self-confidence and self-acceptance we strive to accomplish with your shoot.  If you have specific concerns about your body or image please let me know BEFORE your shoot and we will work through your concerns by highlighting your favorite features and using posing, lighting and wardrobe to minimize your least favorite bits.  Retouching is at the photographer's discretion and any additional retouching request once retouched files have been received by the client will be billed by the hour.



  1. Don’t be nervous. I promise your nerves will fade every minute in front of the camera.  Nervousness and lack of self-confidence will show up in your photos so just remind yourself that you can do this and remember I will help you the entire time!
  2. Treat yourself to one fabulous item for your shoot--pretty lingerie, new shoes, a massage--anything that will make you feel amazing.  You deserve it!
  3. Get a manicure and pedicure, or polish your own pinkies. When in doubt choose a neutral color so it won’t distract from your pretty face, or choose a bolder color for a sexier edgier look.
  4. Look at this as an investment. You are doing this shoot for yourself--whether you plan to give photos from your shoot to anyone else or not, the experience is all yours.  Invest in this journey of discovery and embrace who you are today and you will be rewarded I promise!  Don't believe me? check out our reviews 😉
  5. Be prepared to get addicted!  Inevitably after your shoot you will think “I can’t wait to do that again”  Boudoir is an intoxicating mixture of vulnerability and strength and I know you will just love it!
  6. Let. Go. Be. You.  This is not a once in a lifetime shoot, so don't come to the studio torturing yourself with fears or concerns. This is neither the first nor the last time you will be in front of a camera and no one expects you to be a professional model--even those girls need direction!  Whether you are your "ideal" weight, shape, size, age, color, or whatever set of rules you have listed in your head about what's good enough, let go of it. You are you today so come celebrate that. This is a fun fabulous way to spend a day, simply that and nothing more.



When was it decided that wearing lingerie was the only way to do boudoir? Why not spend that extra cash on a ball gown. Or 100 peonies. Something just as frivolous, but way more fun. So, what’s your boudoir?

What to wear is one THE most frequently asked question, and the most difficult to answer!  What to wear depends entirely upon you--what kind of look you envision for yourself, what feelings you are trying to evoke or what story you are trying to tell, what persona you want to put on display, but most importantly what makes you feel most incredible and comfortable.  Some clients bare it all while others like to remain more conservatively covered.  Any way you like it, we will work with you to create the photographs you desire.  Drawing a blank on what to bring along to your shoot?  Check out the Pinterest Boudoir Board HERE or contact Maria to set up a shopping experience where we will curate a private pinterest board for inspiration then head out to shop for one of a kind outfits!  

I recommend that you choose 2-3 "looks" for your shoot--and I always recommend that you consider for one look just a white sheet and a smile 😉

Once you arrive at the studio we will go through everything you brought and select a few looks, but planning ahead will allow you to get the most out of your shoot so that you have thought through what you want to see on camera, then we can spend more time in front of the lens and less time debating the merits of each outfit you brought.

Here are some ideas to help get your creative juices flowing!


Bring something sentimental to add meaning and depth to your shoot--your wedding veil and garter, your lover's favorite t shirt, necktie, button down shirt, guitar, book, sports jerzee, or anything your special someone will love seeing you get personal with 😉  Think outside the box–-what can you do that will make your shoot truly unique and YOU?  Is this a birthday gift for a special someone?? Bring cupcakes and balloons to make it a birthday party-theme!  Does your other half love sports?? Bring your/their favorite sports gear and make it the pep rally they will never forget! 


Add a little extra something--be it flower crowns or four inch heels, blingy baubles or vintage headpieces.  Don't let the accessories take over your shoot--I prefer strictly bare any day--but don't overlook the beauty that the right accessory can add


Everything from fully clothed to fully nude can be sexy, but if you decide to go the lingerie route, here are a few suggestions.  Unique, interesting lingerie pieces are a great way to make your photos fun, especially pieces with texture or something visually interesting like lace, ruffle, tulle, and sparkly or metallic elements can catch light beautifully.  PLEASE cut the tags out of your outfits to avoid having them show up during your shoot.  I recommend that you try on every outfit in the mirror before your shoot and be honest with yourself--does it fit and flatter you, are you comfortable?  If you want to wear thigh high stockings I highly recommend that you choose the kind that do not stay up on their own--the style with the rubber at the top squeezes the thighs of even the most slender legs and will cause bulges on camera simply because of where the stocking hits your leg.


Pick lingerie that has structure or is silky and will flow over curves.  Consider baby doll slips that show off cleavage but provide tummy coverage, corsets that create a gorgeous hourglass figure, and push up bras because everybody needs lift and shape!  Check out Hips and Curves, a web store that caters to ladies with…well, hips and curves!


Everything from jeans and a tee shirt to a cocktail dress, your wedding gown to a cozy oversized sweater.  This is a great way to start off your shoot because it likely will be an outfit you are most comfortable in, and definitely the easiest category to shop in your closet for!


You don't have to take your clothes off to be sexy.  I repeat: BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY DOES NOT EQUATE TO NUDITY--fully clothed, partially clothed, hinted nudity and fully nude can all be sexy, when done tastefully and personally to fit the subject being photographed.  Be sure to communicate to your photographer what you are comfortable showing off prior to your shoot so that we can be sure that the final product is exactly what you are confident and comfortable with.  Don't feel like you need to bare it all in every shot--a sexy curve hugging dress or those "damn how did you get in those" jeans can be a crowd pleaser, and being a bit more covered up may help ease you into your shoot if you are nervous.


Having a hard time finding outfits that you love for your shoot?  Check out some of these popular sites below, or contact Maria to setup a wardrobe consultation to make the most of your shoot.  This list is by no means comprehensive, just a place to start!

For Love & Lemons


Free People


Faire Fou Frou

Rent the Runway

Nasty Gal

Victorias Secret

Urban Outfitters


Hips and Curves





  1. Focus on Having Fun! Make your goal to have fun, not to get great shots—that’s my job!  Everyone looks their best when they’re being genuine.
  2. Get Inspired. Look for inspiration in magazines, movies, internet, etc.  Tear pages out of magazines or keep a board on Pinterest and begin to recognize your style—what is sexy to you? What is too much and what’s not enough?  Share that info with your photographer to help guide your shoot.  
  3. Show Up With All You’ve Got. When I say show up, I don’t mean to just show up. Bring it. Be present. Be playful and openminded. You may surprise yourself!
  4. Be Sensual. Use your five senses during the shoot: feel the music, have a bite of chocolate, sip of champagne, wear a favorite scent and a kick-ass outfit you feel great in, think of memories that make you blush, smile, and sweat--engage all of your senses along with your whole body and have fun!
  5. Be Silly. Any shyness tends to go right out the window after the first few minutes or so of being silly—and believe me you will feel silly for the first few minutes!  So embrace it. Goof off and have fun! See how outrageous and silly you can be—it’s easier for me to tone you down than it is to fire you up!
  6. Create Movement. Create a little action, so there’s energy in every shot. You know how to flirt!  You don’t have to be Heidi Klum to move that body!  Run your fingers through your hair, or move your hand along your thigh, tuck your knees in toward your tummy, or try extending your neck—just move it!
  7. Remember the Context. The sheer fact that you’re in front of the camera being photographed is damn sexy… it’s powerful and vulnerable at the same time, which is an unbeatable combo – enjoy it!
  8. Be Yourself! Honor who you are, in this moment. The time is now. You are sexy and beautiful just as you are. 
  9. Communicate.  Tell me if you feel uncomfortable or you feel great and are having fun!  Suggest poses, give feedback on poses I’ve suggested and keep talking and collaborating for the best possible results! 
  10. Be confident! Nothing is more sexy than a confident woman! I can't stress this enough!!! Ask any guy, it's true. Insecurity is not sexy. Don't compare yourself to other women, that's counter-productive. Think about the things you like about yourself and try to let go of the rest.   When in doubt, fake it till you make it lady!!Most women (myself included) don’t have bodies like a super model but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have gorgeous, sexy photos as well. A good photographer knows how to highlight your assets best while minimizing the parts of you that you’re self conscious about.  No matter what your size, your portraits will be beautiful as long as you feel confident and daring. I have a very important rule when I’m photographing: Whatever body issues you have do not belong to you during your shoot. They become mine when you step in front of my lens. You are free to have a great time and enjoy having some amazing portraits of you done, while I worry about how to minimize what you don’t love and accentuate your best assets.  So relax and let me do my job ☺

    Check out THIS ARTICLE (CLICK HERE) for great tips on confidence and body image from a gorgeous internationally renowned “plus-size” model—Crystal Renn. 

    More web inspiration:

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful Sophia Loren


My best advice is to come to your shoot with a clean face and an open mind!  You will have the time of your life if you let yourself, so give me your best effort and it will make all the difference in your photos.  I am ALWAYS here to help so feel free to contact me anytime with any question.  No question is silly or stupid, unless you don’t ask it.  That’s just silly.  So, to recap:

  • Hydrate your body and skin--please arrive with a clean well moisturized face and clean dry hair
  • Wear loose clothes and undergarments and I would recommend changing into a robe during hair and makeup with nothing under
  • Bring plenty of outfits, accessory & prop options.  Too much is usually just right so bring options and we can choose together on set
  • Have a glass of champagne or some chocolate before you arrive or on set—the sugar rush will help!
  • Check out the product list here: and be sure to bring enough cash to pay for products on the spot to take advantage of the discounted prices at your shoot!
  • Just breathe.


Let's Work Together